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Conditions for VAT refund in Iceland

Under the provisions of Regulation no 288/1995, issued by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, foreign enterprises, which are neither residents of Iceland nor have a permanent establishment here, may obtain reimbursement of Value Added Tax paid on goods and taxable services which have been purchased or imported for the commercial purposes of such enterprises in Iceland after March 1, 1995.

In simplified terms:

  • • Your company must be domiciled outside of Iceland.

  • • The VAT must be directly linked to business operations abroad, (eg. for commercial purposes)

  • • Your company must not have a permanent establishment in Iceland. (eg. branch)

  • • The business operations of your company needs to be VAT liable if the company would operate in Iceland.

Web app

Our web app gives you instant access to everything regarding your VAT reimbursement applications. It allows you to upload invoices to us easily and securely. You can view the status of each case as it progresses and the data for your payouts are always available to you. All your data can easily be downloaded as Excel sheets if your accounting department prefers.

Easy to send invoices using drag'n drop.

Instead of sending invoices via snail mail or email simply drag your invoices into our app and they will be uploaded to our servers for processing.

View case status in realtime.

No need to request a status update via email. You have a live view of the status of your refund cases. Simply log in to our web app to see the latest developments of your cases.

Get an overview in your dashboard.

Your dashboard gives you a quick glance on how many invoices have been processed by our team and their VAT amounts.

Fee structure

Our service fee is linked to your total VAT amount over one calendar year. It's always risk free, (meaning no refund no fee).

from VAT ISK to VAT ISK fee
0 1.000.000 25%
1.000.001 5.000.000 20%
5.000.001 15%

Our process

You upload electronical invoices from your supplier to us through our web portal.

We process your invoices and submit your request for VAT reimbursement to Icelandic tax authorities. We'll handle any legal correspondance with authorities on your behalf.

We will receive reimbursement on a fiduciary account and forward it to you via SWIFT after subtracting our fee. If we are unsuccessfull there is no fee.

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